About Us

At Austin Irrigation Group our goal is to provide you with irrigation and sprinkler systems that will not only help your lawn and garden thrive, but are also incredibly durable so you don’t have to waste time or money replacing them in the future. To meet this goal, we only use the best quality parts for all of our services. We also make sure that all of our employees are trained irrigation specialists who can help you solve any irrigation problem or issue with your sprinkler system.

Our team is from the Austin area and that means that we understand just how important proper irrigation is to a healthy lawn. We also understand the various water restrictions and have options that can help you maintain a healthy yard without using more water than necessary.

Austin Irrigation Group is licensed and ready to help you with all of your irrigation needs both in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area. Not only is our business licensed, but each of our technicians is as well so you know that they have the proper training.

Because we are an irrigation company working in the dry Austin climate, water conservation is important to us at Austin Irrigation Group so we will do whatever we can to help you conserve water and save on your bills. Whether this means recommending a drip irrigation system that produces less runoff water or simply ensuring that your entire sprinkler and irrigation system is running smoothly without leas, we will go out of our way to achieve this goal.

When you choose to work with Austin Irrigation Group, you will see a transformation in your lawn. Both your grass and your garden areas will have all of the water they need without increasing your water bills. Best of all, the watering process will be simple without the need to drag a hose all around your yard.