Irrigation Controller Replacement

We offer irrigation controller replacement for sprinkler systems in and around Austin, Texas. Just like every other part of your irrigation system, your controller will need to be replaced at some point. This has nothing to do with the quality of the controller or the professional who installed it; they simply wear out over time. Our team of irrigation experts at Austin Irrigation Group can help you with every aspect of the controller replacement including determining whether it needs to be replaced, finding the right one for your needs and completing the replacement.

It is crucial that you always have the right irrigation controller because this is the piece that is responsible for how your entire system functions. It is also the thing that allows you to set your sprinkler to go off at a certain time on a certain day. When it comes time to replace your irrigation controller, we at Austin Irrigation Group will walk you through the various options so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. You may want a basic one that simply waters your lawn for a designated period of time or a more complicated one that pays attention to the weather conditions in your area of Austin and then waters your lawn accordingly based on the need.

Irrigation Controller Features

If you need a replacement, most of the irrigation controllers that we will recommend will have a few standard features: a master switch that allows you to override watering programs that were already entered and a battery backup so the timer within the controller will always have the correct information. Many of the controllers will also have rain sensors to save water if the ground is already wet, settings for the calendar or clock so you can program a watering schedule and a delay switch that means the sprinkler valves will only be open in one zone at any given moment.

If you want to upgrade your current irrigation controller when we at Austin Irrigation Group replace it, you can even opt to get one that allows you to control it remotely. Some systems will have a handheld remote control that you can use while others will even allow you to use your computer to control it.

No matter what type of irrigation controller you have at the moment and what type you are looking for, our team at Austin Irrigation Group can quickly and easily replace it for you to ensure that you have almost no down time during the replacement.