Sprinkler Zone Add On

One of the many services that our professionals at Austin Irrigation Group can help you with is doing a sprinkler zone add on. This could be necessary for several different reasons but the most common one is that you need your current sprinkler or irrigation system to cover a wider area than it currently does. If that is the case, we can help you evaluate your system and see whether adding an additional zone is truly necessary or you can get away with just adding a few extra sprinkler heads.

Most of the time if you need to add a large area of coverage to your sprinkler system you will in fact need to add a new zone but if you are expanding only slightly, it may not always be necessary. We will take a look at your lawn and see whether the additional area that needs irrigation could be covered by just one or two sprinkler heads. If that is the case, we will then see how much water pressure and volume is in the adjoining zone. You may be in luck if the next zone over has enough water pressure and volume and instead of adding a zone, we can just add a sprinkler head or two.

Despite that possibility, you should not be at all surprised if our experts recommend adding on a sprinkler zone. At Austin Irrigation Group we pride ourselves on making sure that your entire sprinkler and irrigation system is running smoothly and that means giving you the most accurate advice possible on whether a new sprinkler zone is necessary. Because water can be incredibly scarce in Austin, it is very unlikely that there will be enough water pressure or volume in the sprinkler zone closest to the new area and this means that we will in fact have to do a zone add on.

Why Choose A Professional Sprinkler Zone Add On

Some people are tempted to try to do a sprinkler zone add on by themselves but it is important to remember that the task is much more complicated than it seems. One wrong move could cause a huge leak which will waste water, increasing your energy bill and depleting the already small supply in Austin. To connect the new sprinkler zone, our experts at Austin Irrigation Group will have to use their training to extend the piping system without causing damage.

Our team is experienced in not only connecting the necessary piping and sprinkler heads, but also in extending the wiring to ensure that whatever system you currently use to turn on your sprinklers will continue to function after the additional zone is added. All you have to do is contact us and we can help you determine whether a sprinkler zone add on is necessary to serve your purposes.