“During the last drought in the area, we realized that our current sprinkler system just wasn’t good enough and some of the grass died. We saw a review for Austin Irrigation Group and decided to give them a call. They were able to get out to us in just a few days and not only fixed our current sprinkler system but helped us figure out new spray patterns so we wouldn’t have any more problems. The grass is starting to grow back in and the rest of the lawn is looking greener!”
– Karen W.

“I just moved to the Austin area and for some reason the previous homeowners didn’t have a sprinkler system installed so we looked around to find a good option. Not only did your team help us find the right sprinkler system for our needs, but you actually took the time to explain every step of the selection process to us. Now we have a system that can keep our lawn green and that we know how to use.”
– Ray L.

“I was having problems with my irrigation controller and new I needed the help of a professional. I left a message at Austin Irrigation Group and they called me back within 10 minutes and after making sure there were no current leaks that needed to be taken care of, made an appointment for the next day. Instead of just fixing the problem, their technician actually told me what he was doing every step of the way so I would be more familiar with the way the controller worked. He even looked at the other parts of the system to make sure the controller was the only problem. I was incredibly happy with the promptness and customer service and I haven’t had any problems with my irrigation system since they came out and took a look.”
– Paul K.

“I already had a sprinkler system installed but wanted to expand my landscape a bit so I called Austin Irrigation Group to learn about my options. After listening to my landscaping plans and evaluating my yard, they told me that I would need to add a zone to my sprinkler system (which was what I thought). They helped me choose what sprinkler heads to use and added the new zone quickly. I was worried they’d have to dig up my old sprinkler system and make a mess, but they were able to do it with minimal digging which means I didn’t have to wait for grass to grow back in. My new zone is thriving and so are the old ones!”
– Brian B.